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The Story

You are Zen the Crow, and your fox boyfriend has been kidnapped by the evil Carp Eat-All! Armed with only your wings, you'll have to slap enemy bullets out of the air and return to sender if you're going to ascend Mount Malicious and reclaim your honey!

The Game

Made with love to raise money for a friend in need, Feather Rescue is an action-packed, family-friendly, cartoony romp through three levels, featuring an original soundtrack by Maize Wallin, environment art by Emi Midnight, AI programming by Cyrus Byrd, and enemy designs by Jeiel Aranal.

Feather Rescue is currently in development, featuring one of the three levels that will be in the final game. Further, there will be a fair few improvements to the AI, some more enemies, and hopefully a cute cutscene or two!

The Reason

All proceeds go directly to Zen, who just moved countries and has been dropped into unexpected debt. As a bonus incentive, if you commission Zen to model a character, I will put them into the game. Let him know you would like this when you commission him.

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes enemies are on walls? Probably fine.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Version 2
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Version 2

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damn this is hard as hell.

also since i have wings please let me double jump tyvm :)