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A very simple tool that basically just takes Godot's OKHSL colour picker and makes it a standalone program. OKHSL is a version of HSL that normalises perceived brightness among hues, making it easier to pick colours that match in "real world" brightness. For more info, read here.

The interface for the colour picker is entirely built by the Godot devs, all I did was wrap it up in a nice standalone window with the ability to pin it, making it "always on top". You can check out Godot here, and view/contribute to its source here.

OKHSL Picker Source on GitHub

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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Tagscolor-picker, okhsv, oklab


okhsl-picker-win-64.zip 26 MB
Version 4 Oct 22, 2023
okhsl-picker-linux-64.zip 26 MB
Version 2 Oct 22, 2023
OKHSL Picker.zip 50 MB
Version 1 Oct 22, 2023

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Hi, I originally developed the OKHSL Godot Engine feature enhancement https://github.com/godotengine/godot/pull/59786. I was interested in a Macos version but didn’t see an archive of the source to do it directly, so I’m asking here for a port.

Thanks for your work! I can try and do a mac export but it warned me about signing or something, I know a while ago apple did something to make it (as I was told) nigh impossible to build for mac without having some kind of developer account and using Mac hardware?

I'll try and make a build, and now that you mention it I'll package up the project files too.

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Surprisingly this accepts colour names!

If you want to know what cornflowerblue is, just type that into the Hex box and press enter. (Spaces don’t matter.)