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You were dead. Now you're not. Don't waste this, do what you're meant to.

Dead Girls In Space is an FPS with SHMUP elements, originally created for Ludum Dare 33. Shoot what shoots you, kill what hates you, and leave what binds you. If you pay attention and seek out answers, you may even figure out why.


v1.2 05/09/2015:

  • New Enemy.
  • New Characters.
  • Level geometry improvements.
  • Player movement improvements.
  • Aim improvements.

v1.1 28/08/2015:

  • Smoother movement - no more sticky walls and corners!
  • Slower movement, so things are generally better to control, but harder to play.
  • Sprint/Dash, to make up for the slower movement. Default key is shift.
  • Health bar so you actually know how close you are to death. Second death.
  • Health drops so you can avoid dying. Again.
  • Fixed a small bug with the health that meant you had more than you should have. You're welcome.


Dead Girls In Space winx64.zip (13 MB)
Dead Girls In Space winx86.zip (12 MB)
Dead Girls In Space linx64.zip (14 MB)
Dead Girls In Space linx86.zip (14 MB)
Dead Girls In Space macx64.zip (15 MB)
Dead Girls In Space macx86.zip (14 MB)

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