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Is it supposed to stop letting me hold down buttons after 4 pop up?


Well, it's not *supposed* to, but it's not *not* supposed to either. That's most likely down to your keyboard - unless you have an expensive one, it'll stop reading new keys when you're already holding down too many at the same time. There's nothing that can really be done about this, but I think it's a really effective part of the metaphor.


OMG I LOVE THIS! It's such a simple and efficient concept! It's so much fun, and strangely relatable! XD Amazing work!

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The game crashed when I tried to select an answer to "Do you like video games?"

The game in general seems really buggy. Maybe my keyboard just has limited input, but holding the stress buttons doesn't always work, the "Main Menu" button on the game over screen doesn't work, question buttons don't always work, and there doesn't appear to be any way to return to the main menu while playing. You need to test this more.



Enjoyed every minute playing this!


This game is SUCH a good and clever concept and a wonderful execution!!!!! !!! 


I had all my fingers pressed on the keyboard playing this game, and I kept saying things people didn't want to hear! A stressful but fun short game. 


It seems like the 'main menu' button on the game over screen never works for me?

Ah yeah this is an issue I've only recently found out about, which I thought I had fixed. I'm looking into it.

yeah it didn't work for me either, i had to force quit


Got to play this at GX Australia (interview & experience HERE) . The game was great then and it's only improved from there. Get it, play it, buy a copy for your friends. 5/5

You will need a reasonable keyboard to play as unresponsive keyboards will limit the number of mistakes you can make.


I first played this at a convention, my reaction at the time was "wow this is too real". I stand by this assessment. (this is a recommendation by the way)


My review of this game (Disclosure: Review copy received) . Friendly, tightly designed around its theme, well worth checking out.