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I'm tired, you're confused, and someone's probably offended.

Dead Girls In Space is an FPS made for the Ludum Dare Game Jam #33, with the theme "You are the Monster". I plan to expand upon it post-jam, but for now, it is a relatively simple FPS with some SHMUP elements, and a subtle story. Maybe you'll figure it out, maybe you won't bother, but it's their either way.


Don't die, you've already been there and it was boring, hence your ghostliness. So if dying again is off the table, what should you do? Well, I'll let you figure that one out, but getting off the ship might not be a bad idea. Shoot what shoots you, kill what hates you, and leave what holds you.


WASD - Move
LMB - Shoot
E - Interact

Good luck, girl.

Install instructions

This game was made in Unity, and ported with Unity. If any issues arise on your system, tweet @Fenreliania and I'll see if I can sort something out, but no promises.

To open the source project, unzip it and browse to that folder with Unity to open the project. If this doesn't work (and I'd really appreciate someone trying it for me), kick and scream on twitter @Fenreliania and tell me to fix the problem ASAP. Thank you~


Dead Girls In Space source project.zip 14 MB
Windows x64.zip 13 MB
Windows x86.zip 12 MB
Linux x64.zip 14 MB
Linux x86.zip 14 MB
Mac x64.zip 15 MB
Mac x86.zip 14 MB